Da New Page!

A relatively simple page, indeed. Places you can go are above.

is the now-maintained version of "Old Site." Full of bad links.
Old site is an old, geocities website. It is not updated.
My site is my official site. I produced all this extra stuff for the fun of it.

"Old site" was the original home page, now it is this one. I will try to make my
sites easier in the future.

Okay, you're probably sitting there, wondering, "like, what am I supposed to
do?" Well, for starters, use
My Site. That's the site that I usually use.
Everything's there. Including a link back here. Now, if you knew me three
years ago, you should know what the other two links are. Pretty much some
newspaper crap I made a long time ago. If you still have no clue, stop reading
and just go to
My Site.